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We are an outside-the-box, outside-the-walls group of Christ-followers building inclusive, transformational, hope-filled relationships.

CLC was formerly the Grand Harbour Baptist Church. After extensive evaluation and visioning exercises and meetings, direction was set that involved an organizational make-over and the adoption of an outside-the-walls approach to ministry. This involved the pain and loss of breaking with past traditions and paradigms and the uncertainty of redefining the face of ministry in the local community. Today CLC is well on the road to new beginnings and the adventure of following God in order to fulfill His Purposes.

In North America, farmers usually build fences around their properties to keep their animals in. In parts of Australia, where land tracts are large, a farmer has no fence but digs a well in the middle of his land, and the animals never stray too far from the precious water, and other animals come there to drink too. Some churches are “fence” churches, with barriers sorting out “who’s in and who’s out”. We want to be a “well” church where anyone who is thirsty is welcome, and we don’t worry much about “who’s in and who’s out”. We think of church membership as being a fence that sorts out who’s in and who’s out, so we intentionally downplay church membership. We have no idea who is a member and who isn’t, and quite frankly don’t care. Anyone who is interested can drink at our well and be part of our family and be involved and take leadership roles in what we do.